Here at Bella Rose Beauty we recognize that our industry can sometimes be unnecesarily wasteful. We are committed to making a conscious effort to lessen our carbon footprint. We want our clients to be able to pamper themselves without all the guilt. Here are some of our efforts:

We have introduced a recycling program for our clients. This system allows you to bring in your empty, clean bottles of Amika & Verb products purchased through us, and we will take care of the recycling. When you return your 10th bottle you can receive one of our in stock products free! 

All of our retail products are cruelty free, we NEVER approve of the testing on animals. 

All of our retail products are free of parabens and harmful sulfates.

Almost all of our retail products are vegan, with the exception of a few products. 

All of our retail products are made of recyclable materials. 

We have air purifying plants throughout the salon to diminish common salon pollutants in the air. 

We have installed the most recent, proper salon ventilation. 

All of our stylists are conscious about their product usage.

We recycle all possible materials.

Our stylists offer formaldehyde free keratin straightening treatments.

We repurpose all salon decor when possible. 

We use reusable mugs and glasses. (Except during the COVID-19 pandemic) 

When possible we collect and donate hair to "Children with Hair Loss." A company based out of Michigan who provides human hair replacements to children and young adults in need, free of charge. 

Our stylists use paperless booking, checkouts, etc.

We are constantly researching cleaner options for our industry while still following the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology guidelines.