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Available Services

All pricing is determined by the individual stylist and will vary for every client. Listed below are base pricing to give our clients a little more general information, but know the prices will go up based off of the stylist you see, products needed, time needed, desired results, etc.  Each stylist's information can be found on their pages under "Our Team" section.


Women's Cut $20 and up

Men's Cut $25 and up

Kid's Cut (Ages 4-12) $15 and up

Makeup & Waxing

Regular Makeup $65 and up

Airbrush Makeup $110 and up

Brow Wax $12 and up

Lip Wax $12 and up

Chin Wax $12 and up

Sideburn Wax $20 and up

Nose Wax $10 and up

Full Face Wax $30 and up

Underarm Wax $20 and up

Arm Wax $20 and up

Leg Wax $45 and up

Chest Wax $50 and up

Back Wax $45 and up

Happy Trail Wax $10 and up

Brazilian Wax $60 and up

Bikini Wax $40 and up


Anti-Aging Facial $70 and up

Dermaplaning $75 and up

Four Layer Enzyme $70 and up

Wrinkle Peel $65 and up

Relaxation Facial $60 and up

Microdermabrasion $65 and up

Custom Facial $60 and up 

Acne Peel $65 and up

Back Facial $55 and up

Relaxation Massage $55 and up

1/2 Hour Relaxation Massage $30 and up

Eyebrow Tint $10 and up

Hydro Jelly Mask Add-on $15 and up


Base Color $60 and up

Partial Foil $85 and up

Full Foil $110 and up

Two Step Process $140 and up

Partial Balayage $90 and up

Full Balayage $120 and up

Glaze $20 and up


Full Set $40 and up

Acrylic Balance $30 and up

Gel Manicure $30 and up

Soak Off $10 and up

Pedicures $40 and up

Gel X $50 and up


Requires a consultation

Treatments & Styles

Conditioning Treatment $20 and up

Malibu Treatment $20 and up

Brazilian Blowout $275 and up

Shampoo Style $25 and up

Half Up Style $35 and up

Updo $55 and up

Extensions - Requires a consultation

(More information can be found on our extension page)

Extension Move Up $175 and up


Classic Set $120 and up

Classic Fill $45 and up

Lash Removal $20 and up


Questions? Get in touch to learn more.

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